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Research & Analysis

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EG Justice is a leading source for impartial and thorough research and analysis on Equatorial Guinea. We work closely with international scholars and experts on Equatorial Guinea, and recently established the EG Scholars Advisory group, a group of Equatoguinean scholars and professionals committed to the rigorous study of issues impacting Equatorial Guinea.

Disempowered Voices: The Status of Civil Society in Equatorial Guinea

This 37 page report analyzes the serious obstacles that civil society organizations still encounter in their efforts to organize and operate in Equatorial Guinea. It identifies systematic failures on the part of the Equatoguinean government to allow the full and independent participation of these groups. The report examines the ways in which governmental actions and laws hinder effective civil society mobilization and activism inside the country, including problems associated with undue government intervention in civil society activities and an ambiguous and arbitrarily enforced legal framework that enables government officials to selectively discriminate against organizations. The report includes a series of recommendations for the Equatoguinean government and other organizations that should be implemented to ensure full citizen participation.

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Open Budget Index and Open Budget Survey

EG Justice collaborates with the Open Budget Partnership to bienally produce the Open Budget Index and Open Budget Survey for Equatorial Guinea. These two instruments represent the only independent, comparative, regular measures of budget transparency and accountability around the world. Budget transparency is critical for enabling citizens to hold their governments accountable and for improving people's lives.

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Codifying the Resource Curse: Equatorial Guinea's Oil Law

This policy paper assesses Equatorial Guinea's 2006 Oil Law, how its provisions hinder intra-governmental and public oversight and accountability; and how, as a whole, it fails to promote the type of transparency espoused by the Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative. It also offers succinct and constructive recommendations to the EG government to address the current deficiencies in the law.

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