Timeline: Andres Esono & the Ebola Saga

Timeline: Andres Esono & the Ebola Saga

EG Justice August 20, 2015
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The Equatorial Guinea government goes to greath lengths to silence opposition. This is the latest against CPDS Secretary General.

Andrés Esono Ondo, is the Secretary -General of the Convergence for Social Democracy (CPDS), the main political opposition party in Equatorial Guinea, since December 2013. A firm proponent of a transparent and democratic government, Mr. Esono Ondo has become the target of a sinister plot, including a politically-motivated criminal investigation, orchestrated to discredit him and impede his political work.

Under his leadership, the Convergence for Social Democracy (CPDS) party has criticized the rising unemployment, irresponsible misallocation of funds, and rampant corruption. Since 2014, Mr. Esono Ondo has led the call for an open and inclusive dialogue between the government and all political opposition groups; but when the government decided to use the national dialogue process to control the opposition, CPDS boycotted the initiative. Similarly, CPDS and many independent political activists called for a boycott of the AFCON games hosted by Equatorial Guinea in January 2015. Then, in March 2015 CPDS, Fuerza Demócrata Republicana (FDR), and Union Popular (UP) launched the Frente de Oposición Democrática (Democratic Opposition Front) to push collectively for basic political reforms. This decision precipitated the arrest and banishment of an FDR leader to his village, and increased the persecution against Andres Esono.

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