Speaking Out

Speaking Out

Tutu Alicante October 16, 2013
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EG Justice and ONE.org are speaking out against big oil, and are asking the Securities and Exchange Comission to require transparency and accountability from oil companies.

"My home – Equatorial Guinea – is brimming with oil. But very little of the money from that oil is being spent on schools or hospitals or new jobs. It’s being spent instead on mansions, luxury cars, private jets and pageantry contests by our government officials.

As a human rights lawyer and the executive director of EG Justice, an NGO devoted to fighting corruption in Equatorial Guinea, I’ve dedicated my whole life to change this. Today I’m asking for your help.

Right now, Big Oil is trying to stop a rule by the Securities and Exchange Commission that would require oil and gas companies to publish what they pay to governments like Equatorial Guinea. But if Big Oil wins, that means billions of dollars will likely keep lining the pockets of my country’s corrupt rulers."

Read more and sign the petition to the SEC here.

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