Open Letter

Open Letter

Roberto Berardi August 10, 2015
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Open letter to all who are in exile and love Equatorial Guinea.-- by Roberto Berardi


I have waited a few days before getting in touch with you. I needed time to regain strength and balance.

I want to salute you and thank you for the support you gave me during this painful period in my life, now it is time to make progress in this shared fight.

Equatorial Guinea is a beautiful country. It is today our responsibility to work TOGETHER to block this wrong and evil work of the Obiang family and its allies, whose criminal practices are jeopardizing all hope for a better future for the youth of Equatorial Guinea.

Perhaps this was my destiny: to suffer in order to understand. Today I feel closer to you, with much determination and strength to be an active part of the sociopolitical development of this country. I am determined to actively support your struggle and become a spokesman for this just battle around the world. Together we will gain the strength to achieve our goals to build a “better Equatorial Guinea” free from lies, corruption, violence, and injustice and finally open to the world.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Roberto Berardi

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