(LegalBrief) Lawyer missing after visit to notorious EG prison

(LegalBrief) Lawyer missing after visit to notorious EG prison

LegalBrief October 25, 2012
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An Equatorial Guinea opposition lawyer who visited a client held at the infamous Black Beach prison in Malabo is now missing.

A report on the News24 site notes that Fabian Nsue was visiting Agustin Nsang, a schoolmaster with ties to the small oil-rich nation's opposition, who was jailed on charges of embezzlement. 'We fear for both of them,' said Daniel Ayecaba, chairman of the Popular Union Party. Nsang was arrested last week in Bata. He is accused of attempting to convert more than a million euros stolen by one of his students from a high-ranking regime official into the local currency, the CFA franc, according to a prison official speaking on condition of anonymity. In the early 1970s, Black Beach prison became a symbol of the brutal rule of the country's first president Macias Nguema. Britain's Eton-educated former SAS officer Simon Mann was famously jailed there after a failed coup.


Source: http://www.legalbrief.co.za/article.php?story=20121025081224209

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