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European Parliament

Donna Cline July 23, 2013
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Human Rights Talks: European Parliament holds exchange of views about human rights in Equatorial Guinea.

EG Justice was invited to testify at a hearing before the European Parliament on July 10, 2013, focused on the human rights conditions in Equatorial Guinea.  Executive Director, Tutu Alicante spoke on the important and most recent human rights and democracy issues affecting Equatorial Guinea.  He highlighted the government’s suppression of civil and political rights in the context of elections by cracking down on opposition representatives during the official campaign period.  He also informed the attendees about the lack of access to justice in Equatorial Guinea, and the prevalence of the threat of arbitrary pretrial detention. 

Finally, Mr. Alicante mentioned the rampant corruption inside Equatorial Guinea, and how the absolute absence of the rule of law affects its citizens in their daily lives.  He concluded his remarks by suggesting policy recommendations that are relevant for the European Union (EU), especially with the French investigation into money laundering by the ruling Obiang family.  Mr. Alicante emphasized the opportunity for the EU to effect change in Equatorial Guinea by attaching conditions for developmental aid, as well as by addressing transparency in the extractives industry sector. 

Equatorial Guinea’s Ambassador to the EU, Mr. Marmelo Nvono Nca, also spoke at the meeting.  His statements downplayed the realities of rampant corruption and ignored the complete disregard for human rights inside Equatorial Guinea.  EG Justice is disappointed by his statements, and hopes the EU will recognize the need for urgent action in Equatorial Guinea.

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