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EG Justice
EG Justice
November 1, 2017

French court convicted Equatorial Guinea’s Vice-president for embezzling and money laundering.

EG Justice
January 3, 2017

Criminal proceedings in France move forward against Teodorin for the acquisition of luxury cars and goods.

The Economist
October 25, 2017

Equatorial Guinea’s vice-president records his lavish lifestyle on Instagram, but it is unclear where his money comes from.

EG Justice
EG Justice
April 6, 2016

Economic crisis and the sociopolitical context: the solution lies on citizen participation and engagement. An interview with an Equatoguinean about the state of the country and the upcoming elections.

EG Justice
December 4, 2013

The country has again scored low in the 2013 Corruption Perceptions Index.

EG Justice
EG Justice
December 13, 2013

The Department of Justice re-filed claims against Teodorin’s property in California.

EG Justice
EG Justice
March 24, 2014

The French Indictment against Teodorin Comes after a Three-Year Investigation.

EG Justice
EG Justice
October 29, 2013

In this video-illustration, EG Justice and the celebrated artist, Ramon Esono Ebale explain the most relevant details of the U.S. Department of Justice cases against Teodoro Nguema Obiang "Teodorin", Vice-President, Senator, and son of the president of Equatorial Guinea.

Open Society Justice Initiative
Ken Hurwitz, Open Society Justice Initiative
October 28, 2013

Teodorin's celebrations seem premature; the global investigations into his alleged involvement in massive corruption in Equatorial Guinea, his oil rich, but poverty stricken, home country, are far from over.

October 21, 2010

UNESCO Suspends Dictator Prize After Global Protest. EG Justice and its partners welcomed UNESCO’s decision to suspend the prize funded by President Obiang.

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