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de Pineda, Manuel Cencillo

Story about the expeditation done by the Count Argelejo in 1778, the book narrates his experiences, investigations, and his expectations.

Alia Medina, Manuel

Study of the form of the land area of Equatorial Guinea.

Báguena Corella, Luis

Study of origins and traditions of the proper names of people in Equatorial Guinea.

Fúster Riera, Pedro; et al.

Analysis of the types of trees of Equatorial Guinea, the wood they produce and the uses for it.

Frances Miller Cashner

Book that talks about the ecology, the environment and the way to conserve the area of Rio Muni in Equatorial Guinea.

Center for International Forestry Research

The objective of this book is to highlight the important role of NTFP in the well being of millions of Africans, and to bring African governments to work together towards securing the access and property rights of population. It overviews CIFOR which has initiated the project on world comparison of NTFP.

Benigno Roman

Description, analysis and list of the types of fish living in Rio Muni in Equatorial Guinea.

Aurelico Basilio, c.m.f.

Study and list of the types of birds living in Fernando Poo located in Equatorial Guinea.

Andrew Humphreys, and Siona Jenkins

Extensive Nile Valley information, including the best ways to visit the temples and tomb, besides useful travel tips for journeying to the oases of the Western Desert, Cairo revealed.

Adolfo Ortiz de Zarate López and Antonio Ortíz de Zarate Rocandio

Book published in 1959 that describes the different mollusk families that are in the island of Fernando Poo. In this book´s index you will find the different families and subfamilies that are defined throughout the chapters.

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