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Aurelico Basilio, c.m.f.

Study and list of the types of birds living in Fernando Poo located in Equatorial Guinea.

Augusto Panyella and Jorge Sabater

Analysis of the art of pottery, how is done, where does this tradition comes from and how is this tradition connected to the Fang people living in Equatorial Guinea.

Andrew Humphreys, and Siona Jenkins

Extensive Nile Valley information, including the best ways to visit the temples and tomb, besides useful travel tips for journeying to the oases of the Western Desert, Cairo revealed.

Adolfo Ortiz de Zarate López and Antonio Ortíz de Zarate Rocandio

Book published in 1959 that describes the different mollusk families that are in the island of Fernando Poo. In this book´s index you will find the different families and subfamilies that are defined throughout the chapters.

René Pélissier
January 1, 1964

Description of the Spanish colonies that are in Africa. The book includes the story of how these territories got their independence from Spain.

Mohamed Abdel Rahman Ali
January 1, 1973

Analysis of the economic history, current economic situation, and possible future effects on the economies of these African countries.

Rafael Fernández
January 1, 1976

Stories and past events that were kept secret by the Equatoguinean government are revealed in this book.

Manuel Castillo Carril
January 1, 1966

Analysis of the origins of native languages spoken Equatorial Guinea and their effect on the country's Spanish.

Luis Silveira, Vicente Gomes Ferreira
January 1, 1959

Analysis of the impacts of the San Ildefonso treaty; before and after effects on Fernando Poo Island.

José María Bueno Carrera
January 1, 1990

History of Spanish military troops inside Equatorial Guinea.

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