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Andrew Feinstein & Tutu Alicante
April 12, 2012

An op-ed that calls on ordinary Africans to reclaim "African Solidarity" from self-interested leaders who use it to promote their flawed agendas.

EG Justice
May 8, 2011

EG Justice’s Executive Director Tutu Alicante spoke at the Oslo Freedom Forum on May 8 as part of the panel, “Spotlight on Repression.” 

EG Justice
May 14, 2012

In a letter to African and South American heads of state, EG Justice urged leaders to address human rights, corruption, and democracy with President Obiang's government during the joint summit in Malabo.

EG Justice
May 9, 2012

EG Justice sent a letter to African and South American Heads of State attending the Africa-South America Cooperation Forum in Malabo on May 14 (?) urging them to address the host government's record on human rights, democracy and corruption 

EG Justice
March 23, 2012

Wenceslao Mansogo, a physician and human rights activist, remains unjustly detained in Equatorial Guinea for politically motivated reasons. 

December 9, 2011

The government of Equatorial Guinea is spending $77 million to construct a new luxury presidential guest house and $19 million on a new Basilica.

James McFadden
March 1, 2012

A letter to the UNESCO Executive Board from James McFadden, who spent a month working in Dr. Wenceslao Mansogo's clinic, calling attention to Dr. Mansogo's unjust detention and asking them not to award the UNESCO-Obiang prize.

EG Justice
March 1, 2012

Over 70 African and international civil society organizations and concerned individuals signed a letter to the UNESCO Executive Board calling for the cancellation of the UNESCO-Obiang Prize and stronger rules for future prizes. 

February 29, 2012

23 Africa-based press freedom organizations and journalists sent a letter to the UNESCO Executive Board urging delegates to cancel the UNESCO-Obiang Prize.

March 9, 2012

UNESCO Director General Irina Bokova expressed her serious concerns following a divided vote by the UNESCO Executive Board to approve a renamed UNESCO-Obiang prize.

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