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Open letter to all who are in exile and love Equatorial Guinea.-- by Roberto Berardi

Italian businessman, Roberto Berardi, was finally realsed today from an Equatorial Guinea prison.

The UN Secretary General authorized an investigation into the organization's response to a report detailing the sexual abuse of children by peacekeeping French, Chadian and Equatoguinean troops deployed in the Central African Republic.

EG Justice is seriously concerned about the unfounded and chilling allegations presented against the CPDS' leader and the increased persecution of political opponents; and strongly condemns the government’s apparent drive to...

The government of Equatorial Guinea, in an effort to discredit its critics ahead of the upcoming elections, is using the Ebola crises to further stigmatize opposition leaders by accusing them of planning to bring the disease into the country...

Equatorial Guinea’s Actions Violate Portuguese Language Community’s Charter.

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